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Espresso Coffee Machine Nylon Cleaning Brush with Spoon

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Cleaning brushes for every kind of espresso coffee machine to buy. Each brush is design specific for the job.

Various brands and styles of group head cleaning brushes. These are for traditional espresso machines. Clean the shower plate and the group seal. Preventing unused coffee grinds from drying up on seals. Left as they are will turn them into paste. This will perish seals.

Coffee grounds brush, the handy one for keeping up appearances. Sweeping unused dry coffee into the knock box or drawer. Brushing loose grounds from a grinder when cleaning.

Coffee grinder blade brush the essential tool for battling tannin on burrs. Use with industry standard for excellent results. A Barista essential without question.

All products shown are tried tested and proven. Used in conjunction with our range of cleaning products you will be able to get and keep your machine clean in no time at all.




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