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How to Choose The Best Coffee Urn For You

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The things that you are looking for include the way that you program it, how it will work in a large setting, how big it is and how it is powered.

Counter Space

Coffee urns come in an array of sizes, so you’ll first need to consider how much adequate counter space you have. Look at the sizes and weights of the coffee urns you’re interested in to ensure that they’ll be a good fit in your kitchen. Plus, you won’t let them look presentable and like they’re meant to be there, rather than squeezing one into a tiny space.

You also have the option of storing your coffee urn in a cupboard while it’s not in use, but this could soon become a pain if you have to sort out your cupboards every day to use it. But, if you only plan on using the coffee urn every so often, make sure you’ve got enough space to store the unit while it’s not in use to avoid taking up unnecessary counter space.

The Quantity

How many cups of coffee would you like your unit to make? If you make 10 cups of coffee a day, a larger unit might be a more convenient and stress-free option, although households with less people could suffice with a smaller unit.

Additional Features

Having an auto shut-off feature is great for safety reasons. We’ve all had times when we’ve woken up late and had to leave the house in a rush, but leaving your coffee urn on can be a huge safety hazard. Knowing that your unit will switch off by itself if you’ve accidentally left it on reduces your anxiety throughout the day.




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