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Insulated Beverage Dispenser

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For reliable hot or cold beverage holding, transport, and service, look no further than this insulated beverage dispenser.It features single-molded, seamless polyethylene construction with a textured exterior that's designed to resist scratches, dings, and dents. Interior foam insulation and a nylon over-center latch provide outstanding temperature retention for up to 4 hours a time, ensuring that your hot beverages remain hot during the entirety of your event. Plus, a large drip-proof recessed spigot ensures convenient access for all your guests and patrons.

In order to conveniently refill both before or during service, an integrated vent cap equalizes pressure to release steam and make it easier to open the container. No electricity is required for operation, and no assembly is needed to prepare this unit for convenient service. Perfect for any catered event, concession stand, or banquet, this durable dispenser enhances any beverage service with remarkable ease.




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