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NSF Certification SGS Test Report Plastic PC 1/1 Size Food PansGN Pan

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Standard GN lengths and widths

GN1/1 : 530 × 325 mm

GN1/2 : 325 × 265 mm

GN1/3 : 325 × 176 mm

GN1/4 : 265 × 163 mm

GN1/6 : 176 × 162 mm

GN1/9 : 108 × 176 mm

Pans are available in various depths. Not all pan sizes come in all depths. Common pan depths are:

65 mm / 2.5 Inches

100 mm / 4 Inches

150 mm / 6 Inches

200 mm / 8 Inches

Key Features

Absolutely odourless and tasteless

Transparent, contents are easy to recognize

Beautifully designed to suit our range of Food Bars as well as any standard size gastronorm food display bar

Light and still extremely sturdy

Break-proof, rugged, dimensionally stable and durable

Our range of polycarbonate gastronorm containers are an excellent choice for any professional kitchen. It is a perfect way to store, transport and serve food. These containers are crystal clear, extremely durable and are suitable for a variety of temperatures. These polycarbonate containers are made with an anti jam design, enabling them to be stacked easily.




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