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Non-Slip Serving Trays

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No waitress or waiter wants to have to deal with plated meals and filled glasses slipping and sliding around on the serving tray. To eliminate unwanted movement, this tray grips and holds dinnerware so that plates of spaghetti and gourmet burgers don't go flying.Avoid troublesome spills that disrupt your dinner service and rack up replacement costs with this handy non-skid serving tray!

This tray features a brown non-skid finish on its surface that is a coating of rubber-like material. This material ensures that customers' orders are securely carried from kitchen to table.

This tray is made of durable yet lightweight plastic so that it remains easy to carry without bending under heavy plates. Its rugged design is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a fine choice for carrying hot plates of steamy food or hot mugs of coffee.

Its sleek brown color will match the decor of any catered event, bar, coffee shop, restaurant, or hotel. This tray's useful features and great value make it a perfect addition to any servingware collection!

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