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Plastic Condiment Caddy in Bar or Restaurant

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Conveniently serve delicious condiments, or keep garnishes within serving distance for bartenders, with this elegant black condiment caddy. Made from durable plastic and designed with three/four/five/six separate compartments, this condiment holder can be used to serve dips, sauces, and dressings, or as a holder of bar garnishes, such as olives, cherries, capers, lime slices, salt, and other items that help spruce up cocktails. Measuring at 19.6 inches in length, and 6.3 inches in width, this condiment holder and garnish tray for bars is the right size for tabletops, bar counters, and anywhere else condiments and garnishes are served.

Fresh condiments and garnishes really put the finishing touch on any drink or dish! This condiment holder is ideal for holding condiments at a bar, but can also be used to hold food in your kitchen prep area, buffet, or cafeteria for an easy self-serve option.


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