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Polycarbonate Food Storage Container

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This food storage container is perfect for restaurants, caterers, delis, and cafes. The textured bottom provides durability against scratches and doubles as a non-skid surface, meaning your container won't easily slide around. When paired with a compatible lid (sold separately), it keeps food fresher for longer than when covered with traditional foil or plastic wrap. Use this container to store any ingredient or prepped food in your commercial kitchen.

The durable handles on this storage container make transportation from a prep table to the walk in refrigerator or storage shelf easy. The handles also feature a small hole to allow for water drainage and ensure quick and sanitary drying.

The virtually-unbreakable polycarbonate design guarantees the longevity you need in your commercial kitchen. Plus, the crystal-clear design takes the guesswork out of trying to identify what food product is stored inside.

This container able to withstand temperatures between -40 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit, and resists food acids, oils, and alcohol, making it stain and odor resistant.




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